texan baklava

My boyfriend is Greek. I am Texan. You know, from the country of Texas. So long story short, I don’t think I’ve ever even had baklava, but really liked the idea of it. When I was younger, we lived in Houston and had these awesome pecan trees growing in our backyard. We always had a bowl of pecans to crack when you wanted a little snack. And, duh, pecan pie. Hands down, my mom makes the best pecan pie. So, when it comes to pecan sweets, I’m pretty choosy.

©2019 heyimwhitney.com

©2019 heyimwhitney.com

I went online and found the recipe with the most reviews and highest rating from AllRecipes.com and found one that looked pretty basic. I shopped at Trader Joe’s to find all of my ingredients, and then hunted down a local European grocery store for some greek honey, and luckily landed on the Attiki brand made in Athens. I got home and was SO EXCITED to get started. I knew I needed the phyllo dough to thaw so I started taking them out of the box. [insert dramatic DUN DUN DUNNNNNN] I bought fucking pastry dough?!! How in the actual shit did this happen?

I quickly decided (after the obviously necessary expletives) that I would just go with it. Baklava is basically a layered pie using phyllo dough rather than pastry dough which makes it extra-cronchy. This is where it gets good, and why I’ve named it BaklaPie, or is it Texlava? Either way, I highly recommend using pastry dough in place of phyllo if you live your life by “everything really is bigger in Texas” even if you’re living in Kansas or [fill in location here]. Recipe is below! Enjoy!

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