a poem

You say you’re pro-life

while 50,000 women in America nearly died

last year

while 900 women didn’t survive

last year

to birth the lives

of the children you say you want alive

but crucify

their rights

as if they are to blame for the oversupply

last year.

You say you’re pro-life

Pro-Birth is closer to how you identify.

because the children you personify

inside the womb

you reject the opportunity to provide

them a life worth living

beyond the womb

and expect them to abide

by reproductive restrictions requiring

medical expenses the uninsured can’t quantify

because you’re preoccupied

with the lies

you’ve inherited about women’s rights.

Pro-Choice is Pro-Life

just not how congress defines.

so now is the time

to make sure your vote is exercised

by Tuesday night.

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