Angel on Earth: Maggie Rogers

I'm taking the wrong approach here. This is not to provide a discography of the life and times of (blank). Music is healing and is truly universal - we've all heard that before, but to experience the healing from it personally is an amazing feeling. 


Like millions of others, the first time I discovered Maggie's sound was through YouTube - a video showing Maggie's class at NYU one-on-one with Pharrell Williams. While all of the students were obviously stars, Maggie stood out. Her song Alaska was something I hadn't heard before. You couldn't find that sound on the radio, and it was a sound I didn't know I was craving.

Around the time of discovering Alaska, I myself was going through an incredibly difficult breakup. Sometimes when you are with the wrong person, you still battle those instincts that tell you to leave. I'm hardheaded as is, so leaving was the last option. I would have died trying if I had let myself. I'm glad I eventually intervened. But it was Maggie's lyrics that helped guide me through that dark time, through that time of constant questioning. 

...and I walked off you, and I walked off an old me - oh me oh my I thought it was a dream, so it seems. And now breathe deep, I'm inhaling. You and I, there's air in between. Leave me be, I'm exhaling. You and I, there's air in between. 

The whole song is about learning how to be yourself again outside of a relationship. Learning how to like what you like again. Unfortunately, I've been one of those people who can lose themselves in a relationship pretty quickly. Over time, I've taught myself more independence within relationships, but I continue to grow and learn. We all do.

If this is your first time hearing Maggie Rogers, please go check out more of her work. She is fabulously talented and will absolutely speak to you through her music.