Noble Rey Brewing Company || Pop-Up Dinner by Chef Graham Dodds

What in the actual fuck happened last night?!? Not only did I get to hang out at my friends' brewery (saying that will never get old), we treated ourselves to a pop-up dinner by Graham Dodds, executive chef of Wayward Sons. And it. Was. Beautiful. 

Chris Rigoulot of Noble Rey Brewing Company

Chris Rigoulot of Noble Rey Brewing Company

Y'all have at the very least had Noble Rey, or better yet, been to the brewery, right? If not, do not admit your wrongs. Just correct the behavior and move forward. We all make mistakes.

It's located right in the heart of the Design District and they have some incredible beers on tap. My favorites right now are the Vertigo Double IPA and Golden Rey. Just a heads up, I will be making summer brew out of Golden Rey, and will be the mermaid on the front of Sex In A Canoe for Halloween.

Everything was so amazing - and I know that's fucking cliche af, but I don't even care. First course was this BEAUTIFUL parsley root soup. Honest to God, seeing this on the menu is what took me to the event in the first place. It wasn't even the parsley root. It was the mother fuckin bone marrow that was calling my name. Seriously. We talked about this soup the entire way home. I could have lived in this soup. But, alas, I literally drank it out of the bowl - did not use utensils - did not pass go - did not collect $200. 

Then there was what tasted like the most glorious salad on earth. Honestly, I hate raw kale. The only time I eat kale is by not eating it, but drinking it from my juicer disguised by the flavors of literally anything else. Who knew you could toss it with salsa verde and sundried tomatoes and then just plop it on the most delicious fucking cheese GAH -- so yeah, I guess I liked it. #thingsiminto This was paired with Noble Rey's Steampunk, which is darker than what I normally drink - but mother of GOD this course was hands down the perfect pairing between food and beer. 

And then there it was. The beef duo. I'd been waiting for this. And, honestly - DO NOT COME AT ME - this was my least favorite of the courses. It's not even that anything was necessarily bad with the way it was cooked or the flavors themselves, it was just kind of underwhelming. I mean, you start me off with that silky umami sexual soup, I'm just gonna want every course to top that. I'm sorry, but you can't really beat bone marrow. This course was paired with my favorite of the beers, which was the Vertigo Double IPA. It pairs perfectly with premonitions of meat sweats. Would definitely drink this with barbecue. Me after Vertigo:


I had a belly full of goat meat (ok not really but) and to be honest I thought I couldn't eat anymore. But, I am my grandmothers granddaughter and we come from a breed of people who can ALWAYS make room for dessert. Try me. So of course this deconstructed cheesecake (or really whatever it was supposed to be) was gone in a total of three seconds. Fuck. That was good.

First course: Parsley Root soup, bone marrow, capers, lemon & Pamela's toasted sourdough

Second course: Megan's blue curly kale, sundried tomatoes, latte da tallegio & pecan salsa verde

Third Course: 44 farms beef duo: charcoal grilled bavette steak, fava bean puree & morel mushrooms || slow cooked pot roast & green garlic grits

Fourth Course: Frangipane biscuit saffron infused clotted cheese, strawberries, kirsch & citrus grahams

Facebook Event Page || Tickets were $65 per person

Noble Rey also has a tap room open Monday-Sunday with lounge areas and arcade games. If you haven't been, they're located at 2636 Farrington St. Dallas TX 75207. 

Visit Noble Rey Brewing March 31-April 1 at Big Texas Beer Fest