Halloween: Lichtenstein by wantwine

Here's the thing. Halloween morning, I woke up like it was Christmas. I got up at 5 a.m., pulled up this AMAZING inspiration shot of my beaunicorn© of a pal @theonlyricia, and got started.

No, this is not a filter. This is her fucking makeup and honestly I'm still emotional.

No, this is not a filter. This is her fucking makeup and honestly I'm still emotional.

So I got reeeeeeeally ambitious and told myself YEAH YOU CAN DO THIS NO PREP NO PRACTICE THAT'S TOTALLY NORMAL. So, here I am, in all of my Lichtenstein glory.

For the pop art look, I started with literally three bases of foundation of various shades I found under my sink. I outlined my lips and colored in my eyebrows with the eyeliner I used to make my attempt at winged liner - let's all laugh together. I used a Clinique chubby stick in who knows what color I got for free because my mom always brings me her Clinique freebies. I wanted to use pink because of my undertones, but white looks best in my opinion. I'm just the color of mayo, so white on white doesn't exactly "pop". But for real, I used it because the tip was the perfect little dot, so I just twisted that bish on my face and didn't look back.

Now for the part that will most definitely get CPS called on myself regardless of being 32. I should be jailed. My friends, I introduce the tear and the white highlights. Y'all - you have to understand my desperation at 5 a.m. to prove that I COULD DO THIS. So at first my brain was like "yeah sure try nail polish" - YALL IM ALREADY LAUGHING RELIVING THIS - and honest to God I am so happy I still have my sight.


I removed it just in time before melting my whole face off. So naturally I grabbed my handy acrylic paint because my body is a canvas. I literally painted my face and I regret nothing. I finished the look with a swoop and a swipe of that eyeliner to make me look drawn and VOILA. 

If you wanna know more about Roy Lichenstein and his contribution to pop art..




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