when shit changes, start a blog.

What's important to remember is that I'm not your average blogger. Don't get me wrong, I fucking L O V E following fashion-and-home-decor-istas. I, too, drool over their effortless style and got-it-all-together aura. I... I am not one of those people. My idea of fashion blogging is taking selfies in the bathroom mirror at work.

Exhibit A : blogging is hard

Exhibit A : blogging is hard

Authenticity is my priority with heyimwhitney.

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Whitney Antwine is a dallas-based blogger sharing her life/travels/music/books/cozy shit on the internet. she's 32, works in advertising, hangs out with her cat marmalade, watches netflix, avoids parties she doesn't really want to go to regardless of overly committing to plans way too far in advance, and brunches on occasion.

please note: all thoughts are my own and are no reflection of any professional organizations i'm affiliated with, because i know how to cover my ass.